Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Paying It Forward

“The expression "pay it forward" is used to describe the concept of asking that a good turn be repaid by having it done to others instead. In contract law, typically there are two parties, but there may be a third party beneficiary. "Pay it forward" means the creditor (obligee) offers the debtor (obligor) the option of "paying" the debt forward by lending the funds to a third person instead of paying it back to the original creditor.”
source: Wikipedia,

After I succeeded good diet, I was determined to pick up a sport.  Tried running but it only last less than 100 meters before started panting.  I had a keen interest in MTB but significant start-up cost was a major turn-off for me.  Some friends who already into MTB enticed me into it but before I jump into the bandwagon, it would be nice if someone could take me for a ride, let me have a feel of the MTB craze.  At least shall a glimpse look good, high chance I will have a fond interest too.  Bottom line, I was into MTB like a turn-key project.  Lucky enough I was keen into it that now I'm living in with 5 MTBs and 1 road bike.

No. 1: Scott Scale 70.  Paying it forward to Aisah.
Location: RRI

No. 2: Specialized S-Works.  Singlespeeded.
Location: Langkap, Perak

No. 3: Shogun Trailbreaker.  MTB frame with touring bike setup.
Location: MRR2

No. 4: Kona Cindercone.  My primary MTB.
Location: Dream, RRI

No. 5: Skinny Bitch.  Unknown frame with Columbus carbon stay and Shimano Ultegra grouppo.
Location: Gombak, heading to Genting Sempah

No. 6: Proton TBlaze. 13” frame MTB dedicated for my son.
Location: Kepong Metro Park

A number of time, I had been approached by some close friends for advice on picking up cycling as hobby.  Instead of asking them to straight away buying a bike, I offered them an opportunity to give it try and figure out shall cycling is for them or not.  Take this as my part of ‘Paying It Forward’ deeds as I did received kind gesture from dear friends one way or another (e.g. cheap parts, dirt cheap services, loan tools, and skill class).

Addendum-22 April
Thanks BC Kelolo for that Deore shifter :)

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