Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Cycle to work

I always looking forward for an assignment where I will "have" to spend a day at HQ. A trip about 18km in 40 minutes (moderate pace), I beat my travelling time by car, anytime. I opt for a route via Chow Kit since traffic is a bit low comparatively to Jalan Mahameru.

After preparing Shogun the night before, I left about 7:20am this morning and reached HQ slightly before 8:00am. Thanks to my luck on each traffic light junctions, it was green all the way. Secured my Shogun near the cafe and had mihun goreng breakfast while waiting my body temperature settling down. 8:15am, headed to Surau to wash myself and put on my office attire. By 8:25am, I clocked into the office.

I have a good start this morning :)

Note on photo above: Couldn't get proper place to dry up jersey, towel and helmet thus all cramping under visitor table. Merempat, nak buat cemana :)

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