Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Return to Kemensah

It was harsh, I was panting in many climbs and it was only sub 20km. What the heck happened? How will I survive 55km KLMBH Epic?

From Return to Kemensah

What when wrong
As simple as not having my usual nite ride every other day. On top of that, carb; late nite coffee over ASTRO's programme (CSI, House, That 70's show, Mythbuster, 5th Gear or just about anything other than Ceria channel). Perfect disaster!

Action Plan
Packed meal for a day (tuna sandwich, apple, almond), more fibre, and get back on nite ride routine.

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Father/daughter hash outing

KL Mountain Bike Hash: Bandar Tasik Putri

I asked (read: kindly forced) my daughter to come along for this hash. More for the reason a physical exercise she ever needs; secondly, as an avenue to catch with the silent one; lastly, sell the above points and gets my much needed cycling outing.

Spesh and Scott posed for the album

I rode rigid Spesh and daughter had her hands on all-the-best-parts Scott. After registered for Scenic Ride (renewed my membership too), off we headed to trailhead via row of houses.

Daughter on loose gravel

Long story short, she flat and broke her tears after 5km of cycling. The father looked like an idiot not knowing how to deal with the situation. Luckily a number of season cyclists and organizer lend hands, shared tips and Power Gel to deal with it.

We resumed cycling for another 2km and she fell due to improper braking on flat fire road. Handle bar took on her ribs, from the tears and cries, one would easily identify it as broken ribs. Much to my relieve, the pains subsided after 30 minutes but this time around she called it a day and chose to pillion ride Abang Hashim to RV point.

I cycled back to RV point via Scenic Ride and we have a nice ABC to celebrate whatever that we need to be celebrated.

Much needed ABC

My biggest thanks to BBB buddies and others who lend hands to this clueless father.