Thursday, September 30, 2010

Nokia C5, money well spent

I wrote on this new phone that I bought few days before Raya and no, I was not paid to write a review on this Nokia C5.  This is about how to make full use of the features of this phone or any other particular phone with GPS, 3G and geotagging apparently combined with Google Maps, Endomondo and Picasa Web.

1. Fires up Endomondo on Nokia C5 and start my MTB journey.  Note: The data is loaded to live thus this cost some data charges to your mobile phone bill.

2. Starts Camera on Nokia C5 and shoot some photos.

3. Stop Endomondo once the MTB journey ends.

4. Login to Endomondo and export the tracklog to GPX.  Endomondo tracks & records your training and I suppose I should be able to monitor and improve my cycling performance ;)
Screenshot of my profile on Endomondo.  Click on photo for larger version.

5. Login to Google Maps and import GPX tracklog to your maps.

View RRI_SKSB in a larger map

6. Upload photos using Picasa (Desktop version) to your Picasa Web album.  Geotagging info are tagged to your uploaded photos.  In Picasa Web album of those photos (click on photo below), you can see individual photo and the location of the photo taken.  However tracklog on Google Maps of the above is not integrate to these photos in Picasa Web.  Some manual copy & paste of coordinate of photos in Picasa Web will enable you to have those photos to be displayed on Google Maps (Click on the blue Placemark on the above Google Maps for better illustration).
RRI-SKSB Recce Ride

PS: I was on motorcycle in this outing thus I can catch up with these avid mountainbiker.

Monday, September 20, 2010

Beware of Geotagging

Geotagging is the process of adding geographical identification metadata to various media such as photographs, video, websites, or RSS feeds and is a form of geospatial metadata. These data usually consist of latitude and longitude coordinates, though they can also include altitude, bearing, distance, accuracy data, and place names. It is commonly used for photographs, giving geotagged photographs.

Source: Wikipedia,

In digital photography, basically it sticks GPS coordinates to your photo.  Long time ago (during 35mm era) if you do not want to forget the date of the photo taken, you can opt to enable it on the camera to 'print' it onto the photo itself.  Every time you print on those photo paper, the date appears at the bottom (can't recall whether on the left of the right corner).  I hate this features as it spoilt the photo.

In the digital era, the date is captured in EXIF data among other information with regards to the photo.  In order to enjoy Geotagging, you need a DSLR camera with GPS receiver.  In some mobile phone with GPS receiver, you have option to enable it.

This photo was taken during last day of Ramadhan

EXIF data extracted from this photo using EXIF Viewer add-ons for Firefox: -

* Camera Make = Nokia
* Camera Model = C5-00
* Picture Orientation = normal (1)
* X-Resolution = 300/1 ===> 300
* Y-Resolution = 300/1 ===> 300
* X/Y-Resolution Unit = inch (2)
* Y/Cb/Cr Positioning (Subsampling) = centered / center of pixel array (1)

* Exposure Time (1 / Shutter Speed) = 3329/1000000 second ===> 1/300.39051 second ===> 0.00333 second
* Lens F-Number / F-Stop = 240/100 ===> ƒ/2.4
* ISO Speed Ratings = 100
* EXIF Version = 0220
* Original Date/Time = 2010:09:09 18:31:44
* Digitization Date/Time = 2010:09:09 18:31:44
* Components Configuration = 0x01,0x02,0x03,0x00 / YCbCr
* Shutter Speed Value (APEX) = 8230/1000
Shutter Speed (Exposure Time) = 1/300.25 second
* Aperture Value (APEX) = 104/100
Aperture = ƒ/1.43
* Light Source / White Balance = unknown (0)
* Flash = Flash did not fire, auto mode
* Focal Length = 330/100 mm ===> 3.3 mm
* Maker Note =
* Last Modified Subsecond Time = 057
* Original Subsecond Time = 057
* Digitized Subsecond Time = 057
* FlashPix Version = 0100
* Colour Space = sRGB (1)
* Image Width = 2048 pixels
* Image Height = 1536 pixels
* Custom Rendered = normal process (0)
* Exposure Mode = auto exposure (0)
* White Balance = auto (0)
* Digital Zoom Ratio = 100/100 ===> 1
* Scene Capture Type = standard (0)
* Gain Control = n/a (0)

* Compression = JPEG compression (6)
* X-Resolution = 72/1 ===> 72
* Y-Resolution = 72/1 ===> 72
* X/Y-Resolution Unit = inch (2)
* Embedded thumbnail image:

* GPS Version ID = 0x02,0x02,0x00,0x00
* GPS Latitude Reference = N
* GPS Latitude = 4/1,6/1,595582470/10000000 [degrees, minutes, seconds] ===> 4° 6′ 59.55825″ == 4.116544°
* GPS Longitude Reference = E
* GPS Longitude = 101/1,8/1,10905214/10000000 [degrees, minutes, seconds] ===> 101° 8′ 1.09052″ == 101.133636°
* GPS Altitude Reference = sea level reference (negative value)
* GPS Altitude = 900/100 m ===> 9 m

From the GPS coordinates (N4.116544 E101.133636), it tells the location of the camera that took the photo above.

View Larger Map

Everything seems okay and we praise EXIF data on our outdoor photography.  Then we start taking photos of our family, relatives and friends that we visited during this festive season.  These photos later made available in social networking, blog, and online web album meant to be shared among friends and families or even to the public.  Oppsss!!  We just let strangers know where we live, where is our kampung, and where our relative live too?

Try it yourself on the following blog

1. Go to and read entry on "Back on the bike - Ferrari special"

2. Right click on that Ferrari F40 photo and select "View Image EXIF Data"

3. You can find the coordinate towards the end of the data.

4. Open it using Google Maps.

Thus, we ought to be careful of information that we share in the Internet.  Or shall I quote what Kapla Hodot told some time ago.. 

Internet Privacy is oxymoron!

Friday, September 17, 2010

Handling Big Bad Boss

Nice reading on how to defense yourself or tackling bad boss.

Table of Content
1. Choose Your Fight-Back Strategy Based on Patterns of Behavior, Not Incidents
2. How to Write a Letter of Complaint to Your Boss
3. Get It in Writing
4. Build a Counter-Case
5. Do Not Sign!
6. Bosses Disagree? Not Your Problem!
7.Get Even by Doing Your Job!
8. Don't Get Sidetracked
9. Five Ways to Get Even with a Bad Boss
10. When Your Boss Steals Your Work
11. Write a Letter of Complaint about Your Boss?
12. Do Not Record Your Boss' Conversations

P.S.: No. I do not have any problem with my boss whatsoever. I also shall not be liable by any consequences of your action upon reading the link I posted here.

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New mobile phone

Sonyericsson K800i failed to start-up after almost 3 years of mountain biking outing.  It produced nice photo I can expect from a mobile phone. It's xenon flash helps as my third eyes for those tight & dark spot in engine's bay when I tried to figure out what's wrong with it.  It has 3G, which become handy for faster mobile browsing while caught in the traffic jam or taking public transport.  It also has bluetooth with A2DP support, which free me from wired handsfree and let me enjoy stereo MP3.

Other features that I amazed is "Remote Control", it enables me to handle MS Powerpoint presentation slides, listen & skipping thru MP3 on Media Player, and wireless mouse (controlling your desktop with the phone's joystick, cool huh?!)

The drawback
I wish it have WiFi and GPS receiver.

The new phone, Nokia C5
When I bought that SE K800i, I hadn't taken up mountain biking thus a little lavish on big boys toys didn't hurt that much.  With current cycling 'commitment', RM1500 is a price for good performance fork while RM1000 can get me Fulcrum Red Metal 5.  As such, I keep telling myself, get a cheap one, get those with features that you really need.

Photo from Nokia website

Firstly, I set my mind on the features: -
  • WiFi - faster internet access.
  • 3G - mobile internet access.
  • GPS - for impromptu needs of navigation.
  • USB connectivity - for 3G connectivity and it must also able charge the phone at same time.
  • Instant flash drive - The phone must be able to function like flash card without the need of installing any driver.
  • Candy form factor - sure grip feeling.
  • Keypad (not touch screen) - obvious touch screen cost even higher.  I want the keypad type because it is so much easier to SMSing without the need to have a look on the phone while typing.
  • Symbian Series 60 - abundant software available in this platform e.g. 
    • Endomondo (previously known as Nokia Sport Tracker, it use GPS to track your workouts (speed, altitude, & route).
    • Garmin Mobile XT - Navigation software by Garmin
    • Fring - IP phone, Instant Messaging and Tweetering
I been eyeing on Nokia E52 which suit perfect on the features that I want but hands down on price tag (nearly RM900).  The dealer at Wisma Central proposed Nokia C5; it has all the features that I want minus WiFi.  Other than my home AP, those free access APs in public places are next to 10 years back modem in term of speed.  Thus WiFi is something that I can life without especially with mobile broadband subscription.  It's was RM500 deal for AP set (not those original Nokia set by Avaxx or Zitron).

So far, I like the phone.  It performs just as expected.  Other things that I like: -
  • geotagging on still photo and video.
  • A2DP bluetooth supports.
  • Radio
  • 3.5mm audio jack (works with standard headphone and earphone)
  • Fully integrated Gmail (native)
Only one my dislike for this phone, short battery life.  For the first few days, full charged only last about 18 hours.  This may be due to me endlessly fiddling with the phone.

Monday, September 13, 2010

Last kopek Ramadhan ride

Azhar on the foreground.

Cousins inflicted by MTB decided to join me cycling back at our hometown. We reached hometown on the last day of Ramadhan and unanimously wanted to cycle around our hometown. According to my guesstimate, the route is around 20km and it should roughly take an hour to complete it. So we hit the road at 6:15pm and should be home just in time.

A short break for Azhar to adjust his saddle height.

Just as we expected, we have 5 minutes break right before Iftar. It was a nice short ride before a longer ride on the second day of Raya.

Azhar is trying hard to catch up with Azlan the foreground. Yours truly is killing time by taking photos of them ;-)

Sunday, September 5, 2010


Sesampai rumah, Izzah mengadu Haziq tak bagi pinjam buku kaler Haziq.  Mengharap belas-kasihan Ayah, Izzah gagal.  Izzah pun merajuk lalu lari masuk bilik.  Seketika kemudian, Irfan masuk bilik lalu terdengar jeritan kecil Izzah, "keluarlah!".  Lalu disambut jawapan dari Irfan, "ehh.. ini bilik abang la".  Alahai....

Moral of the story:  Kalau nak merajuk, lari la masuk bilik sendiri.

Izzah, watak utama semasa berbuka puasa walaupun janji untuk berpuasa pada hari cuti jarang dipenuhi.  Gambar ini diambil selepas berbuka puasa beberapa hari yang lepas.

Saturday, September 4, 2010

Kayuh sampai sahur

Kayuhan mencari nasik kandar Yasin. Break dulu bro!

Sepinggan nasik kandar berlauk ayam kicap untuk Syuk Alamort

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bikes have a new spot

For almost 3 years we been living with bikes.  Up to a point, 2 on the staircase, 2 hooked up on the wall and 2 at the corner of the hall.  What started with "honey, let paint our living room and our bedroom" - wife, ended with a proper spot, ready to occupy 5 bikes (sold Spesh frame a month ago).

Renovated balcony turned into 4 feet extended hall.  We keep the existing sliding door to become a barrier to the storage area.  Now I can keep all *my belonging here rather than scattered around the house.

Storage area is on bottom right & top left

*my belonging - Parts/items/tools/chemical that only me know how to operate/use or see value in it.  If I were to live with Mak, she would had thrown this away long long time ago.

Saddle repair

I got this saddle with bent rail from Azmi.

And I got this saddle with worn off skin from Shaque.

Skinned Shaque's saddle then wrap with skin from Azmi's and this is the result!

What happened in between..

1. Clean the padding surface
2. Apply glue on the middle first (an inch stripe from front to rear) as this would be your baseline to properly align the skin to the padding.
3. Apply continuous pressure with your thumb and leave it cure for about 5 minutes.

1. Apply glue one side at a time and stretch the skin towards the edge of the saddle’s base.
2. Apply continuous pressure with your thumb and leave it cure for about 5 minutes.

1. Use staple gun with 6mm staple
2. Keep stretching the skin before firing the staple gun.  Ensure perfect shot as multiple error may tear the saddle skin or even our own flesh.

1. pleat where the saddle’s base curve edge and staple more on those sharp curve.

1. for those impossible to reach by staple gun use glue and apply greater pressure with paper clip as seen in the photo.

1. Take note that pleat not require on straight edge.

Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life beyond cycling

I changed my blog title to the above cause my life is more than just about cycling (though wife would beg to differ).  There are other things that I like to do apart of cycling and bicycle.

I love DIY.  I love electrical & electronic devices that I had two electric shock before I reached 12 years old (one of it really threw me back few feet but luckily nothing severe).  I made a lamp shade from a coconut shell before I was 15, with attention to detail.  Just put it this way, it did looked like the one that deserve a spot on the shelf of tourist attraction outlet.

My favorite answer to my mother call to check on me when there was a total silent for few minutes were.. "Tak ada apa2 Mak" while I were busy covering my traces of a surely kena rotan if Mak finds out.

I discovered that we can make huge flame by putting a light up lighter in front of aerosol mosquito spray and sang..
Rumah terbakar panggil bomba,
Bomba datang berlumba-lumba
And lucky enough, I put off the fire without the assistance of Bomba.  The reward.. few strokes of rotan on my butt.

As a toddler, I broke new toys even before we reached home.

My Abah always lost his spanners... and I was the one who used and misplaced it or even broke it.

Some other life experience was beyond Mak and Abah knowledge like.. I took wrong bus to Mak Long house at Pantai Baru and end-up in Pantai Dalam.  I walked few KMs out and asked for direction to her place from bystanders.  Ohh wait... I specifically told my little brother not to tell Mak and Abah but he broke the news the very moment we reached Mak Long's.

Nowadays, I have my own spanners and toolset enough to fix/service bicycle and some house repair.  Have GPS receiver to navigate (or Google Maps if I forgot to bring GPSr).