Thursday, August 21, 2008

Let's do maths on cycling

I'm running 26" wheel with 1.5" semi slick tyre on my Spesh thus,
Wheel Circumference = 2010mm

At average I can pedal about 70 to 90 revolution per minute thus,
Cadence = 70 to 90 rpm
Crankset's chain ring,
Chain ring = 22/32/44 teeth
Cassette's cogs,
Cogs = 11/12/14/16/18/21/24/28/32
Gear ratio = Chain ring divide by Cogs

If I pedal at 80rpm for 1 hour with chain ring 44t and cog 12t, how far can I go?

The calculation
Wheel Circumference = 2010mm = 2.01m
Cadence = 80rpm
Time = 1 hour = 60 minutes
Chain ring = 44t
Cog = 12t
Gear ratio = 44/12 = 3.67

Answering the question on how far,
Distance = Velocity multiply Time
Where Velocity = Cadence multiply Gear ratio multiply Wheel Circumference
which is equal to 80rpm multiply 3.67 multiply 2.01m = 590.136m per minute
Thus Distance = 590.136m per minute multiply 60 minutes = 35408.16m = 35.40816km


Saturday, August 9, 2008

Marking 08.08.08 with a long bike ride

An article from The Star Metro by Sarina Khalid

A group of friends from Taman Melawati aims to make the date 08-08-08 extra special for themselves by starting on a cycling expedition to the East Coast today.

To add to the significance of their endeavour is the fact that most of them are more than 50 years old.

Sense of togetherness: Dr Hamdan (in red) and the rest of the group enjoying themselves during their regular training before the expedition recently.

They are group leader Wan Ahmad Sabri Wan Daud, his wife Wan Mariam Wan Mahmud, Kamat Norit and his wife Faridah Akmar Ibrahim, Dr Hamdan Salleh and Aliyah Mohd Salleh.

The youngest members of the group are Mohd Shuhaimi Ismail and Dr Maryam Chin, both 39.

Calling themselves Gedebe, which means strong in the Kelantanese dialect, the group will start off today on their five-day, four-night expedition to Kota Baru, Kelantan.

“We will leave Taman Melawati, Hulu Klang on Aug 8 and arrive in Kota Baru on Aug 11 and will be back in Kuala Lumpur on Aug 12.

“We will cover a total of 470km from Taman Melawati to Kota Baru,” said Wan Ahmad Sabri.

He said they would be taking the old trunk road from Taman Melawati to Sungai Pasu in Pahang via Bentong and Raub.

“The next day we will move to Kuala Lipis from Sungai Pasu and will stay overnight in Dabong. On the third day we will travel to Jeli until Tanah Merah and Wakaf Baru before crossing over to Kota Baru on the last day,” he said.

They will spend the last night of the expedition in Pengkalan Chepa before flying back.

Previously the group organised several expeditions, including a cycling trip to Port Dickson via the old road, from Bangi to Bagan Lalang, to Sungai Tekala, Janda Baik and Bentong.

To prepare for the trip, the group has been cycling from Taman Melawati to Putrajaya daily, a distance of about 50km.

“We ride on weekdays for safety reasons. There are usually more cars on the road on weekends and not safe for us,” he said.

Wan Ahmad Sabri said the trip was not a race but a feat against themselves. “We set the target and we have nothing to compete against except ourselves.

“It does not matter how long we take to get to our destination as long as we get there,” he said.

Group members have also been going for regular medical check-ups to ensure that they are fit for the trip. They have also made sure that their bicycles are in good condition for the long distance ride.

“We are travelling light so we are only taking the basic necessities like a few pairs of clothes, bike spare parts, sleeping bags and some first aid equipment for the trip,” said Wan Ahmad Sabri.

Most of the group members have taken up cycling as a form of exercise.

Kamat, who is 58 years old and the oldest member of the group, said he only started cycling seriously earlier this year. He has high blood pressure which he believes was brought on by his former job which was very stressful.

His wife, Faridah, has developed serious varicose veins on her legs.

Both had decided to take part in outdoor activities in the hope of improving their health conditions.

“We started with hiking and camping as they sounded fun and then tried cycling. Then we met this group of people and the rest is history,” said Kamat.

Kamat and his 53-year-old wife do not think that their age hampers them from joining the activities.

“We know what our body can do and the rest is proper training,” he said.

He said he was glad that he could join the group as it helped him meet new people.

Come to know Pak Kamat and wife (Kak Faridah) after few months of my cycling life. They are better known as the Romeo & Juliet of Taman Melawati, regularly visit Sofea Jane (google keyword: "sofea jane" kemensah) and some other trail in Kemensah. Do not underestimate them as they can make some young cyclists blush with their climbing skill (in cycling, climbing means pedal up hilly section)! Some of us had a taste of Kak Faridah's homemade power bar, delicious!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Myths about cycling

Shark & Mukhlis at 501 Trail in FRIM, Kepong

The following are my findings on the myths about cycling through my observation over almost a year took up this hobby.. err I mean obsession..

1. Take up cycling to get slim
It does not work all the time. If you are anything above 1 tan, do loss some weight first before take up cycling. Look into your diet, it helps you to reduce fat.

Try diet program that suit you or better still consult your doctor

2. Bicycle is one time investment

You start with el-cheapo bicycle because you would not know whether you will stick to this hobby, good choice! Your next bicycle would be somewhere in the region of RM2,000 to RM3,000. Then you will get self-inflicted upgrade disease, due to part worn over time (yes they do!) or you think that the other cyclist is faster because he is using XTR groupset.

LBS (Local Bike Shop) is a very contagious place for cycloholic

3. It is just a hobby
A hobby is something that you do over the weekend, when or if you feel like doing it. Cycling (at least to me) on the other hand is like obsession. You will find time, squeeze appoinment, plan leave, construct reasoning (to wife) and reschedule other people wedding in order to participate in big event.

Attire. In some other part of the world, cycling does not mean must wear those body hugging lycra suit

4. "Dear, it just a half day ride, I am all yours by lunch."

While there is a slim chance that your return is about lunch time (if you do, merely to reload your carbo), the next thing after meal, you are pretty much wasted.
Note for the spouse: take this as an advantages, ask for anything, he will agree with less hesitation.

Just like any other exercise, feeling exhausted is just normal sign that we cyclist push it hard

5. Too much cycling make you impotent

On contrary, it increase libido. In my dictionary, exercise is either cycling or ride the wife.

There are many personal comment from friends to certify the contrary

Friday, August 1, 2008

I have a new toy!

I bought this trainer through BBS few days back. Main objective is to get wiffy the chance to exercise at the comfort of our own house, secondly, to improve my cadence and stamina/endurance (still having difficulties to differentiate these 2 terms despite helps from Kapla Hodot).

Now to show how small the world is..
I been SMSing with the seller to for past 2 weeks on buying the trainer and clearly do not know the seller personally. We can't meet up then either because of me short of money or he was not in town. Me, not knowing how to evaluate the condition of this 2nd hand item, get Zali (avid cyclist) & Shak (MTB'r become Roadie) to come with me to Cheras. Apparently my 2 friends knew well this seller from their regular weekend outing at Genting Sempah. As a result, dirt cheap deal!