Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Myths about cycling

Shark & Mukhlis at 501 Trail in FRIM, Kepong

The following are my findings on the myths about cycling through my observation over almost a year took up this hobby.. err I mean obsession..

1. Take up cycling to get slim
It does not work all the time. If you are anything above 1 tan, do loss some weight first before take up cycling. Look into your diet, it helps you to reduce fat.

Try diet program that suit you or better still consult your doctor

2. Bicycle is one time investment

You start with el-cheapo bicycle because you would not know whether you will stick to this hobby, good choice! Your next bicycle would be somewhere in the region of RM2,000 to RM3,000. Then you will get self-inflicted upgrade disease, due to part worn over time (yes they do!) or you think that the other cyclist is faster because he is using XTR groupset.

LBS (Local Bike Shop) is a very contagious place for cycloholic

3. It is just a hobby
A hobby is something that you do over the weekend, when or if you feel like doing it. Cycling (at least to me) on the other hand is like obsession. You will find time, squeeze appoinment, plan leave, construct reasoning (to wife) and reschedule other people wedding in order to participate in big event.

Attire. In some other part of the world, cycling does not mean must wear those body hugging lycra suit

4. "Dear, it just a half day ride, I am all yours by lunch."

While there is a slim chance that your return is about lunch time (if you do, merely to reload your carbo), the next thing after meal, you are pretty much wasted.
Note for the spouse: take this as an advantages, ask for anything, he will agree with less hesitation.

Just like any other exercise, feeling exhausted is just normal sign that we cyclist push it hard

5. Too much cycling make you impotent

On contrary, it increase libido. In my dictionary, exercise is either cycling or ride the wife.

There are many personal comment from friends to certify the contrary

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