Saturday, January 31, 2009

Putrajaya Critical Mass #10

Went to this critical mass ride for the first time. On second thought, it was the second time shall being kat RV of critical mass conducted in KL downtown back in 2007 (fasting month) without actually riding it because the organizer wasn't keen to keep their watch sync to atomic clock.

Photo by Kelolo. The rest are here

I would categorized this event as socializing event; means socializing taking much of the time than the cycling itself. Hey, I'm not complaining, in fact I enjoyed meeting people as much as cycling. But don't expect a nice conversation while I am halfway climbing up the hill. You would be lucky if I can finish a word. It was nice meeting new people. For some, it was an avenue where you put faces to those nicks you been in communication over BBS (, it's like car boot sales where traders open their trunks and sell their unwanted items).

More information on this ride and their future event..
Putrajaya Critical Mass

Promo: KL nite ride (6 Feb 2009)

The return of Ramadhan rides!
Due to a number of request by previous participants, the rides return this coming Friday and insyaAllah will become our monthly routine. First Friday of the month, so mark your calendar!

Details: -
Date: 6 February 2009
Time: 9:30PM
RV: Tasik Titiwangsa parking area (refer Google Maps below)
Route: Tasik Titiwangsa, Bukit Tunku, Hartamas, Damansara Heights, Tasik Perdana, return (refer Google Maps below)
Weapon of choice: MTB, road bike, SS
Minimum requirement:
- helmut, spare tubes, pump, ID, money (to spend me a drink or two)
- able to balance on 2 wheels without fumble
- observe traffic regulation
- blinker/lights/bright clothing

Leg 1

Distance: 9.3 km
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Leg 2

Distance: 18.3 km
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Wednesday, January 28, 2009

Batu Dam picnic ride

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Last week, Fino was "bugging" me to take him to Batu Dam during recent CNY long break. It had been a while since the last time I rode there; Christmas 2007 to be precise. My guesstimate, sub 10 headcounts will join the ride after a little "ads" on Facebook and forums.

I serviced my Scott, tied the machete to the fork, downloaded Batu Dam tracklog to my GPSr, packed nutrition and fluid, first aid kit (both for human and their mean machine), 2 spare tubes and 3 set of spare batteries (just to be on the safe side, btw my flashlight, GPSr and camera are running on AA battery).

I reached the entrance slightly after 8:00am and taken by surprised seeing a number of unfamiliar faces preparing their bikes. What a coincident to have a number of group to ride the same trail on the same day. Soon, I learnt that it was a member get member situation and all we know, 20 headcounts!

Revisiting a trail that was last ridden a year ago, 1 clear objective was in my head; I must do better that before! Lets see what I had between these 2 rides..
1. 6 epic rides
2. 8 hash rides
3. v-brake to disc brake
4. migrated from platform to clipless
5. countless parts replaced due to wear and tear
6. countless cuts and bruises

The newbie
Azlan was in his 2nd trail trip after FRIM the previous week. While some improvement needed on his pedaling technique especially on climbing; tackling rocky, terrace and fast flowing decent wasn't much of an issue for him.

From Batu Dam

The conclusion
Trail kinna short (less than 15km). The rideable climbing, fast rolling decent, picnic area and cool soothing river stream; awesome! Just the right place for weekend getaway for those looking for the above combo. And obviously, I did better than last time :)

Photos by Fino

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome aboard newbies! See you soon Munir..

Cannondale F5 2009. Source:

Wife's cousin, Azlan bought Cannondale F5 this morning after registering his interest with me few weeks back and I took him for a ride at Bukit Kiara (not a good choice to influent potential MTB'r to mountain biking) last Saturday. Welcome aboard bro!

In 2007, I influenced my brother, Azmi into cycling. He started of with decent setup Proton T-Blaze before settled for better specs Scott Scale 70 '08. Though I tried harassing my other 2 brothers to follow suite, it was a failure :)

A week ago, schoolmate Sher took up cycling after many years abandoning it. I wasn't very sure her ultimate objective but she said she will join me on trail once she's ready. On! on!

After many attempts to fit riding schedule between job, family & some other commitments that has higher priority; Munir gave up cycling last night by selling his Scott Scale 40. Hope to see you back on saddle bro.