Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kedai-kedai basikal di Lembah Klang

Senarai kedai basikal di Lembah Klang (akan dikemaskini dari masa ke semasa), klik sini untuk semua: -

1. Kedai Samy
Pemilik: Mega
Telefon: 019-3539007, 03-61862653
Apa yang istimewa disini: Parts ranging mid to slightly below top range at reasonable price.
Apa yang aku beli kat sini: 661 Mullet, tube, Avid BB7, Avid Speed Dial 7, Shimano LX shifter, alloy handlebar, dirt cheap handlegrip
Lokasi: Batu Caves

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2. Bicycle World
Pemilik: Nathan
Telefon: 019-2112002, 03-41066749
Apa yang istimewa disini: Cannondale's dealer, excellent workmanship
Apa yang aku beli kat sini: tube, wheel truing, grease (with gun)
Lokasi: Taman Melawati

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3. Advance Bicycle Centre
Pemilik: Uncle ABC
Telefon: 016-2702691, 03-62724691
Apa yang istimewa disini: Low to mid range parts on bargain, all year round.
Apa yang aku beli kat sini: Continental Explorer, Truvativ stem, Shogun's frame, alloy handlebar
Lokasi: Sri Damansara

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Kayuhan Anggerik

Last Friday, I went for Kayuhan Anggerik at Shah Alam. So much so of promoting healthy lifestyle, we have the first (and on monthly basis) Putrajaya Critical Mass which runs on every last Friday of the month. And now Kayuhan Anggerik which will be on every 3rd Friday of the month.

I didn't get the whole objective of the ride precisely. I was imagining the ride should be santai (relax) that I even wore jeans. Was on rear pack, chatting and socializing with Azizan the Fixie and Shaque when I start noticing other cyclists zooming left and right chasing the front pack. Thought that the organizer has changed the format to race event, I changed to my mode too. While I was overtaking some other cyclists, those on knobbie still a lot faster than me. And Shaque, despite knobbie tyre, was constantly tailgating me. Damn! I am still have a lot to improve.

On overall, it was an enjoyable ride. I will attend their next event as a sign of support.

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Report on 1st Kayuhan Anggerik (official report)
Mass Ride (Kayuhan Anggerik) by Heero Yui

Monday, November 24, 2008

Murah je bang..

Semalam, aku tak kayuh ke mana-mana. Rancangan awal menyertai Kelolo untuk recce Sri Gombak hash terbantut kerana isteri tersayang tidak berapa sihat. Jadi aku membuat keputusan untuk membasuh semua kenderaan beroda 2 aku. 3 basikal dan 1 motor. Satu-persatu aku mengadap sampai ke basikal Shogun, pekerja Indonesia yang membuat kerja pemulihan dirumahku bertanya..

"Pak, berapa ongkosnya basikal bapak?"

"Murah je, sekitar RM400" jawapku. Sekadar membuat perbandingan dengan basikal MTB yang 6 kali ganda harganya.

"Itu ngak murah pak.."

Hehehe.. murah bagi aku, mahal bagi dia. Hobi bagi kebanyakkan orang, obsesi bagi aku....

Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shogun SS the break down

After all parts have been finalised and I am quite happy with it (huh, do I sounds like difficult to please?) here's the break down of the setup...

MTB Chromoly Frame - RM90

Wheelset (27" ol'skol) - RM120
Tyre (27x1.25) - RM36 (RM18 each)
Tube - RM20 (RM10 each)

Handlebar - RM15
Handle grip - RM5
Stem - RM30

Crankset (road, 42T) - RM50
Pedal - parts surplus
7sp chain - RM10
Freewheel (BMX, 16T) - RM8
Chain Tensioner - parts surplus

Brake caliper - RM20
Brake lever - parts surplus

Saddle - parts surplus
Seatpost - son'n mtb (still looking for 26.2mm)

Total - RM404

Dino Fakalot berposing dgn basikal aku
Photo by Toyol Pemalu

Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shogun the return!

I changed the wheelset and 27X1.25 tyres on my Shogun recently (spend money). Bigger wheelset means I no longer can use the existing V-brake, thus front set of road bike brake caliper (spend more money). I already had a test run Sunday where mishaps came to my doorstep (on my earlier post).
Last night, GLC changed their regular nite ride from Thursday to Tuesday and I took Shogun out for the ride. Lesson learn from previous derailed chain, I strengthen the tensioner with 2 cable ties, and took some spares in case I need to replace the puncture tube. Stupid enough, with no spare tube of that size and pump that only works on Presta valve, I just crossed my fingers.
This Shogun is fast despite stuck with only 1 speed due to its slim, low-resistant tyre. Its high profile survived abundant potholes in our beloved city making it a perfect tyre for commuting.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why helmet is important...

About 30 minutes ago, I felt on tarmac. Least expected due to derailed chain (I was on my single speed Shogun) under hard crank (left side) up a bridge. I remember vividly, felt on my left and banged my head pretty hard on tarmac. Lucky enough I was on emergency lane and the traffic is slow.

Addendum (10:00pm)
Upon close scrutiny on the helmet, the inner part which made of styrofoam splitted into two. There goes my RM280 helmet. Well, better a cracked on helmet than a cracked on my skull!

Saturday, November 15, 2008

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daughter's first dish

My eldest is 10. For an arrangement that we had earlier on, she fried me an egg. Big deal? Of course! Previously she just successfully boils water ;)

She kinna late starter according to my wife. Well if you don't put a person into a situation, how would you know his/her capability.

I didn't realize to fry an egg do has an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) until I have to tell her the step by step (my client's nicest word to substitute the word SOP).

Standard Operating Procedure for frying an egg
1. Wash the pan
2. Fire up the stove (set to low)
3. Put the pan on the stove
4. Wait until the pan dry up
5. Put a sprinkle of cooking oil
6. Wait until pan heats up (this is the tricky part on determining the "recommended" heat)
7. While waiting for "6", crack open the egg's shell and put it in a small bowl
8. Put the egg onto the pan
9. Flip it after a while
10. Serve

The result!

Who said cooking is simple?