Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Daughter's first dish

My eldest is 10. For an arrangement that we had earlier on, she fried me an egg. Big deal? Of course! Previously she just successfully boils water ;)

She kinna late starter according to my wife. Well if you don't put a person into a situation, how would you know his/her capability.

I didn't realize to fry an egg do has an SOP (Standard Operating Procedure) until I have to tell her the step by step (my client's nicest word to substitute the word SOP).

Standard Operating Procedure for frying an egg
1. Wash the pan
2. Fire up the stove (set to low)
3. Put the pan on the stove
4. Wait until the pan dry up
5. Put a sprinkle of cooking oil
6. Wait until pan heats up (this is the tricky part on determining the "recommended" heat)
7. While waiting for "6", crack open the egg's shell and put it in a small bowl
8. Put the egg onto the pan
9. Flip it after a while
10. Serve

The result!

Who said cooking is simple?


yoe said...

who needs SOP when you got internet?

Unknown said...

Hmm... you are so geek!