Tuesday, October 28, 2008

ECC Malacca: Sahara Ride

Or should I call it Sengsara Ride?

700 or so cyclists came nationwide and Singapore to "suffer" themselves in this ride. This event was organized by ECC Malacca on 26th October. Unlike PCC Presidential '07, I only managed to hit 6 out of 9 checkpoints. It was hot with about 80% of the route is open & double track. The following are excerpts from my photo album.

Dinner by the seaside at Pengkalan Balak

6:24am. All set to leave my kampung and heading to Afamosa Resort

7:53am. Starting line

11:25am. Common scene along the route

12:52pm. A view of series of hills to climb

3:35pm. Azea's nasty cut earned from fall.

5:39pm. A plate or 2 dishes of our choice by the seaside.
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