Saturday, October 25, 2008

The Bastard Operator From Hell

Excuse me for the vulgar word but this is the actual title of this site.

Few years back (this is just another way of me subtly telling you that it's like 10 years back) I was a System Administrator (or SysAdmin,click there for explanation, I love Wiki!), full time. A few years back (in actual context where the rest of the world defines it as like 3-4 years back), I was assigned to client's office to run the IT operations there. Sparingly I attended issues like I send a file for printing but nothing come up (the printer was out of paper), network down! (while fact that the cable also unplugged), I can't login! (tried many wrong password and the account get blocked), and the list went on and on.

Coming back to title, this SysAdmin taking it personally and write a journal on this. I am trying to believe that the journal is purely fiction but it is hilarious to read (trust me, SysAdmin is a nice person on earth that always there to fix your issue with PC). Of course I don't expect non-IT person or ordinary computer luser (gosh! Wiki explains that too? ;) ) to get the jokes. I simply call it a tribute to all System Administrators for a large dosage of laugh that they need while attending anything-under-the-sky luser's issues.

Blog of my SysAdmin friends: -
Yoebaik (and still going strong)
Kapla Hodot (was in IT, now in Telco industry. I guess "same kinna shit, different flavor")

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