Monday, December 31, 2012

Haziq rides FRIM

Haziq is a bit timid.  Always turn down any invitation to cycle in FRIM due to "there's alot of trees" and rather cycle around the housing area.  After much haggled by elder brother Irfan who enticed him on how great it was the Iced Milo drink we had after ride, he was convinced to join us last Sunday.

To his question "how many hills is there?", I answered "only 1".  I do understand his question well enough that he was actually referring to number of climbs, which there are a lot of climbs but the fact remains that it is that one and only Bukit Hari that we are going to climb.

He got the strength to climb the hills but lacking of skills scaling down.  Soon enough, he felt and injured his palm and thigh.  Being dramatic, his pains always looks bigger than anything else.  After failed to haggle him to resume, we decided to turn back.  Haziq refused to ride thus he walk while Irfan helped to push two bikes, alternately ride one bike after another.

I lowered down his saddle and persuaded him to ride after a while.  Alhamdulillah, he gained back his confidence.

Irfan rode this short stretch of single track downhill so satisfy his lust before we send him to a boarding school, on which he will have very less and far apart cycling outing.

After keep all bikes in the car, we headed to a stall just outside FRIM for Iced Milo as promises and we have all the happy faces back.

Greasing the wheel hub

Step 1: Remove the right hand side (RHS) bolts from the spindle.

Step 2: Remove the spindle from the wheel hub.  The sludge was due to a mixture of water sipping into the hub, blended with grease.  It always a big No No to ride through a water/river a foot deep due this consequences.

Step 3: The ball bearing resides in the cup a blend of what used to be a grease.  Remove the ball bearing by picking it up using a magnetized screwdriver.

Step 4: Wipe it clean those sludge and some traces of sand on both on side of the hub's cones and anywhere you can see it.  Cotton buds would be the best tool you should use.

 Step 5: Wipe it clean those sludge on these ball bearings.  10 balls bearing on each side for this particular Shimano hub.

Step 6: Put the grease on the cups on both side.  The grease helps to hold the ball bearing in place before you can shove the spindle back into the hub.

Step 7: Tighten the bolts to the point the wheel spin smoothly but it do not move left and right of the spindle.

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

TMI - Too much information!

Reinstall Twitter on phone (for traffic updates), then Twitter was kind enough offered me to find friends on Twitter from my phonebook.  Top of the list was someone I met in seminar.  Known him as married man (he was with his wife back then).  Browsing his tweets(stalking) found that they've divorced.  Gets to his ex-wife tweets (stalking again) somewhat confirmed the situation.

Why would someone share his/her private life in public?  Private life shall remains private.

If you are concern shall your children sharing too much information on the Net, here's a good presentation slide prepared by Securing The Human.

Securing The Kids: This presentation is for parents to help better understand and how to protect their kids online. We cover the top three risks kids face online and the top five steps you can take to protect them. This course is based on the experiences and lessons learned from a variety of SANS top instructors who not only specialize in security, but are parents just like you.  

Saturday, July 7, 2012

FRIM Routine

We bumped into 2 guys who not so recently took up cycling. 

Start off with Dreams, Rovers, SYABAS, Pacat, Steroid, Helipad, 501, ends with Aromatica.

Nice rolling down the whistler.

Friday, May 11, 2012

Sahabat sebenar

Habib Ali Zainal Abidin
Masjid Muaz bin Jabal
11 May 2012

Kitab: Riyathul Solihin
Tentang: Perhubungan antara sesama insan.

Persahabatan yg bertujuan mendapat kemuliaan daripada Allah.
1. Sahabat yang baik adalah yang menegur apabila kita buat silap
2. Aib diri sendiri tidak dapat dilihat oleh diri sendiri. Hanya sahabat yang baik dapat melihatnya.
3. Apabila ditegur atas perkara yang betul, kita harus berterima kasih padanya.

Tidak akan masuk syurga, kecuali beriman.
Alangkah agungnya Kaabah tapi lebih agung orang beriman kepada Allah.

Tidak akan masuk syurga kecuali mereka yang saling kasih-mengasihi antara satu sama lain.
Amalan utk kasih-mengasihi: -
- Sebarkan salam - dapat iman, dapat syurga.

Yang paling mulia antara 2 yang bertemu adalah yang pertama mengucapkan salam.
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Monday, April 9, 2012

Pirate, Parrot & Pilot

Izzah: Ibu, Izzah bila dah besar nak jadi pirate.
Ibu: Huh? Macam Kapten Jack Sparrow tu? Pirate?
Izzah: Ehh.. yang pandu kapalterbang tu pirate kan Ibu?
Ibu: Hehe. Itu pilot sayang.

Wednesday, March 7, 2012

Ride to Work. New perspective.

Coming to work on Saturday was always a turn off. Can't rationalize the reason working for 3 hours on Saturday but still have to do it as long as I work here. Until recently I find how I can enjoy it.

It is more or less 35km from home to office in Subang. Cycling via MRR2 is a bit dangerous especially from Kepong to Sungai Buloh stretch. That stretch has many junction and that emergency lane is narrow (some as narrow as 2 feet). It also filled with rubbish and pieces of glass which may cause tyre puncture.

I always have a thought of taking an alternate route via FRIM, i.e. enter thru the Main Gate and exit at Hospital Sungai Buloh. According to calculation that would be 5KM if I took the main road in FRIM, proceed to Bukit Hari's trailhead and further up to Sg Buloh. It would be great if I do Dream, Rover's then resume Bukit Hari but it is a bit risky to do Dream without company.

So from a thought to a game plan, I did that route on the way to office and completed in 1 hour 40 minutes.
1. Home to Main Gate, FRIM. 13KM, 30 minutes.
2. Main Gate, FRIM to Hospital Sungai Buloh. 5KM, 35 minutes,
3. Hospital Sungai Buloh to Pinggiran Subang. 15km, 35 minutes.

On my way back, same route except the second part (Hospital Sungai Buloh to Main Gate, FRIM). I need to push my Shogun up the hill on Sungai Buloh trail due to road cassette that I fitted on it. From Bukit Hari, I exited via 501 trail and finished it with Aromatica Trail. A reward for after a mid-day hot sun for first part (Pinggiran Subang to Hospital Sungai Buloh). I completed the return trip in 2 hours. That was for longer route in FRIM, taking photos and meal break.

And that's how I'll enjoy my working Saturday!

Ibubapa yang pelik sungguh

Anak masuk sekolah berasrama, ibubapa gembira.
Anak masuk universiti, ibubapa gembira.
Anak masuk meminang, ibubapa gembira.
Anak masuk *Syurga, ibubapa sedih. Pelik sungguh…

*Anak-anak yang meninggal sebelum akil baligh tidak mempunyai sebarang dosa.

Berapa lama nak masak Nasi Ayam?

Serius lama aku tak blogging.  Nak kena justify kenapa lama aku tak blog?
Blogging ni masuk KPI aku ke? Hehe.. tak kan?
Jadi, apakah jawapan anda untuk soalan seperti tajuk post ini? 1 jam cukup tak?

Mana cukup!  Kalau pun cukup sebab kita andaikan bahan-bahan mentah semua dah ada kat dapur.  Bayangkan semua barang-barang tu nak kena pergi beli dulu...
SOP nya: -

1.       3 Minit - Pakai baju (dengan andaian aku dah mandi, kalau belum mandi pun takpa kalau nak pergi pasar. Pasar kan busuk, jadi cover la bau busuk sendiri).

2.       1 Minit - Cari kunci motor (dengan andaian kunci motor tergantung ditempatnya, kalau tak kena mencari pulak dalam seluar, dalam beg atau dalam mesin basuh)

3.       5 Saat - Start motor (kalau pakai electric starter, motor tak meragam dan ingat lagi parking motor kat mana semalam)

4.       5 Minit - Perjalanan ke pasar (kalau tak kena road block dan kalau road tax hidup, kalau road tax mati kensel terus la masak Nasi Ayam)

5.       30 Saat - Pilih ayam

6.       5 Minit - Tokey ayam siangkan ayam tu (kalau anak dia, lagi lambat pasal semi-pro)

7.       5 Minit - Singgah beli beras dan lain-lain bahan

8.       5 Minit - Perjalanan balik rumah

Setelah semua bahan-bahan mentah cukup baru boleh start masak.  Cukup 1 jam siaplah Nasi Ayam.

Dan daripada analogi diataslah hampir segala anggaran masa yang selalu kita lupa ambil kira, iaitu 8 step yang mengambil masa 24 minit 35 saat.
Inilah masa 1 jam yang kita selalu bagi kat boss bila tanya bila boleh siap kerja.

Belum masuk tengah masak Nasi Ayam kena berenti kejap nak sidai kain di jemuran dan lain-lain kerja. Alahai....