Wednesday, December 26, 2012

TMI - Too much information!

Reinstall Twitter on phone (for traffic updates), then Twitter was kind enough offered me to find friends on Twitter from my phonebook.  Top of the list was someone I met in seminar.  Known him as married man (he was with his wife back then).  Browsing his tweets(stalking) found that they've divorced.  Gets to his ex-wife tweets (stalking again) somewhat confirmed the situation.

Why would someone share his/her private life in public?  Private life shall remains private.

If you are concern shall your children sharing too much information on the Net, here's a good presentation slide prepared by Securing The Human.

Securing The Kids: This presentation is for parents to help better understand and how to protect their kids online. We cover the top three risks kids face online and the top five steps you can take to protect them. This course is based on the experiences and lessons learned from a variety of SANS top instructors who not only specialize in security, but are parents just like you.  

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