Monday, December 31, 2012

Haziq rides FRIM

Haziq is a bit timid.  Always turn down any invitation to cycle in FRIM due to "there's alot of trees" and rather cycle around the housing area.  After much haggled by elder brother Irfan who enticed him on how great it was the Iced Milo drink we had after ride, he was convinced to join us last Sunday.

To his question "how many hills is there?", I answered "only 1".  I do understand his question well enough that he was actually referring to number of climbs, which there are a lot of climbs but the fact remains that it is that one and only Bukit Hari that we are going to climb.

He got the strength to climb the hills but lacking of skills scaling down.  Soon enough, he felt and injured his palm and thigh.  Being dramatic, his pains always looks bigger than anything else.  After failed to haggle him to resume, we decided to turn back.  Haziq refused to ride thus he walk while Irfan helped to push two bikes, alternately ride one bike after another.

I lowered down his saddle and persuaded him to ride after a while.  Alhamdulillah, he gained back his confidence.

Irfan rode this short stretch of single track downhill so satisfy his lust before we send him to a boarding school, on which he will have very less and far apart cycling outing.

After keep all bikes in the car, we headed to a stall just outside FRIM for Iced Milo as promises and we have all the happy faces back.

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