Thursday, August 26, 2010

Shall you have extra money

A supplementing write-up to Akmal's post on Weight and Reaction

Generally, upgrading means buying lighter parts.  In many cases, more efficient mechanism. 

Those lighter one also has lower rolling resistance on bearing of the hub.  Thus when we upgrade wheelset, we get lighter wheelset and also lower resistance hub than before.  As a result, we pedaling up lighter bike and better power transfer right down to the tire.

Lighter & Better
Apart from wheelset, the following will also contributes to better you in cycling shall you unable to increase your power output (e.g by training more).
1. Change Crankset
2. Change Pedal
3. Change Tire
4. Change Chain
5. Adjust brake pad clearance to avoid rubbing.
6. Clean sludge on drivetrain (chain, cassette, and chainring) due to excessive lube.

I would suggest that you do 5 & 6 first since didn't cost money (maybe a little insignificant cost of brush & detergent).  This maybe another good way to spend your non-riding weekend, after all.. it's Ramadhan.

Friday, August 13, 2010

New-look Oldie

Shogun was green and pretty much in original form here.  I was like lalang, within 2 years from the day I bought this frame, it had been single speed with MTB wheelset, single speed with 27" wheelset, and 9 speed touring.

At one point of time, I even was contemplating to sell this frame for merely RM100.  Thanks for an insulting offer of RM50 from a bidder made me change my mind and keep it for a little bit longer.  After I sold my Specialized, surplus parts from it goes to Shogun.  Not long after that, hard-to-refuse offer from a dear friend to paint my frame with color of my choice.  Next thing I know, I handed him the frame and a week after that it came up in orange.

I collected the frame yesterday afternoon, and apparently.. headset was faced, BB was tapped and faced by Kelolo, all parts get fitted by themselves, really, for real!  However, I wonder why I feel so sleepy now... ZZzzzzzz