Friday, August 13, 2010

New-look Oldie

Shogun was green and pretty much in original form here.  I was like lalang, within 2 years from the day I bought this frame, it had been single speed with MTB wheelset, single speed with 27" wheelset, and 9 speed touring.

At one point of time, I even was contemplating to sell this frame for merely RM100.  Thanks for an insulting offer of RM50 from a bidder made me change my mind and keep it for a little bit longer.  After I sold my Specialized, surplus parts from it goes to Shogun.  Not long after that, hard-to-refuse offer from a dear friend to paint my frame with color of my choice.  Next thing I know, I handed him the frame and a week after that it came up in orange.

I collected the frame yesterday afternoon, and apparently.. headset was faced, BB was tapped and faced by Kelolo, all parts get fitted by themselves, really, for real!  However, I wonder why I feel so sleepy now... ZZzzzzzz

1 comment:

akmalhizam said...

I envy you.
How I wish I'm visited by those bike-assembling elves, too.
Nice looking Shogun, man!
No frills, mantap.