Wednesday, November 19, 2008

Shogun the return!

I changed the wheelset and 27X1.25 tyres on my Shogun recently (spend money). Bigger wheelset means I no longer can use the existing V-brake, thus front set of road bike brake caliper (spend more money). I already had a test run Sunday where mishaps came to my doorstep (on my earlier post).
Last night, GLC changed their regular nite ride from Thursday to Tuesday and I took Shogun out for the ride. Lesson learn from previous derailed chain, I strengthen the tensioner with 2 cable ties, and took some spares in case I need to replace the puncture tube. Stupid enough, with no spare tube of that size and pump that only works on Presta valve, I just crossed my fingers.
This Shogun is fast despite stuck with only 1 speed due to its slim, low-resistant tyre. Its high profile survived abundant potholes in our beloved city making it a perfect tyre for commuting.

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