Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Kayuhan Anggerik

Last Friday, I went for Kayuhan Anggerik at Shah Alam. So much so of promoting healthy lifestyle, we have the first (and on monthly basis) Putrajaya Critical Mass which runs on every last Friday of the month. And now Kayuhan Anggerik which will be on every 3rd Friday of the month.

I didn't get the whole objective of the ride precisely. I was imagining the ride should be santai (relax) that I even wore jeans. Was on rear pack, chatting and socializing with Azizan the Fixie and Shaque when I start noticing other cyclists zooming left and right chasing the front pack. Thought that the organizer has changed the format to race event, I changed to my mode too. While I was overtaking some other cyclists, those on knobbie still a lot faster than me. And Shaque, despite knobbie tyre, was constantly tailgating me. Damn! I am still have a lot to improve.

On overall, it was an enjoyable ride. I will attend their next event as a sign of support.

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