Sunday, November 16, 2008

Why helmet is important...

About 30 minutes ago, I felt on tarmac. Least expected due to derailed chain (I was on my single speed Shogun) under hard crank (left side) up a bridge. I remember vividly, felt on my left and banged my head pretty hard on tarmac. Lucky enough I was on emergency lane and the traffic is slow.

Addendum (10:00pm)
Upon close scrutiny on the helmet, the inner part which made of styrofoam splitted into two. There goes my RM280 helmet. Well, better a cracked on helmet than a cracked on my skull!


Azealea Dz said...

woh. i totally feel u man. i was wearing a new helmet on the event i fell recently!(ahem2) the scratch on the face would have been bigger if i was without a helmet!glad the new thing looked a bit rugged now n sorry for yours has split in 2...time 4 u to get a rm380 one..hehe

Unknown said...

as for you, you shud get fullface helmet instead since your face worth more that other parts of body.

me, kinna like my other helmet, 661 mullet helmet despite heavy & hot. perhaps another mullet and paint it white? hehehe..