Saturday, November 22, 2008

Shogun SS the break down

After all parts have been finalised and I am quite happy with it (huh, do I sounds like difficult to please?) here's the break down of the setup...

MTB Chromoly Frame - RM90

Wheelset (27" ol'skol) - RM120
Tyre (27x1.25) - RM36 (RM18 each)
Tube - RM20 (RM10 each)

Handlebar - RM15
Handle grip - RM5
Stem - RM30

Crankset (road, 42T) - RM50
Pedal - parts surplus
7sp chain - RM10
Freewheel (BMX, 16T) - RM8
Chain Tensioner - parts surplus

Brake caliper - RM20
Brake lever - parts surplus

Saddle - parts surplus
Seatpost - son'n mtb (still looking for 26.2mm)

Total - RM404

Dino Fakalot berposing dgn basikal aku
Photo by Toyol Pemalu


Bustaman said...

If you have not met Pak Adib yet, do get in touch with him. He rides too.

Unknown said...

Sir, I haven't come across a person by that name. If you can point me the way, I may pickup a lesson or 2 from him :)