Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Welcome aboard newbies! See you soon Munir..

Cannondale F5 2009. Source:

Wife's cousin, Azlan bought Cannondale F5 this morning after registering his interest with me few weeks back and I took him for a ride at Bukit Kiara (not a good choice to influent potential MTB'r to mountain biking) last Saturday. Welcome aboard bro!

In 2007, I influenced my brother, Azmi into cycling. He started of with decent setup Proton T-Blaze before settled for better specs Scott Scale 70 '08. Though I tried harassing my other 2 brothers to follow suite, it was a failure :)

A week ago, schoolmate Sher took up cycling after many years abandoning it. I wasn't very sure her ultimate objective but she said she will join me on trail once she's ready. On! on!

After many attempts to fit riding schedule between job, family & some other commitments that has higher priority; Munir gave up cycling last night by selling his Scott Scale 40. Hope to see you back on saddle bro.

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Azealea Dz said...

sold, really? owh could u... see u around mate!