Friday, August 1, 2008

I have a new toy!

I bought this trainer through BBS few days back. Main objective is to get wiffy the chance to exercise at the comfort of our own house, secondly, to improve my cadence and stamina/endurance (still having difficulties to differentiate these 2 terms despite helps from Kapla Hodot).

Now to show how small the world is..
I been SMSing with the seller to for past 2 weeks on buying the trainer and clearly do not know the seller personally. We can't meet up then either because of me short of money or he was not in town. Me, not knowing how to evaluate the condition of this 2nd hand item, get Zali (avid cyclist) & Shak (MTB'r become Roadie) to come with me to Cheras. Apparently my 2 friends knew well this seller from their regular weekend outing at Genting Sempah. As a result, dirt cheap deal!

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