Tuesday, September 14, 2010

New mobile phone

Sonyericsson K800i failed to start-up after almost 3 years of mountain biking outing.  It produced nice photo I can expect from a mobile phone. It's xenon flash helps as my third eyes for those tight & dark spot in engine's bay when I tried to figure out what's wrong with it.  It has 3G, which become handy for faster mobile browsing while caught in the traffic jam or taking public transport.  It also has bluetooth with A2DP support, which free me from wired handsfree and let me enjoy stereo MP3.

Other features that I amazed is "Remote Control", it enables me to handle MS Powerpoint presentation slides, listen & skipping thru MP3 on Media Player, and wireless mouse (controlling your desktop with the phone's joystick, cool huh?!)

The drawback
I wish it have WiFi and GPS receiver.

The new phone, Nokia C5
When I bought that SE K800i, I hadn't taken up mountain biking thus a little lavish on big boys toys didn't hurt that much.  With current cycling 'commitment', RM1500 is a price for good performance fork while RM1000 can get me Fulcrum Red Metal 5.  As such, I keep telling myself, get a cheap one, get those with features that you really need.

Photo from Nokia website

Firstly, I set my mind on the features: -
  • WiFi - faster internet access.
  • 3G - mobile internet access.
  • GPS - for impromptu needs of navigation.
  • USB connectivity - for 3G connectivity and it must also able charge the phone at same time.
  • Instant flash drive - The phone must be able to function like flash card without the need of installing any driver.
  • Candy form factor - sure grip feeling.
  • Keypad (not touch screen) - obvious touch screen cost even higher.  I want the keypad type because it is so much easier to SMSing without the need to have a look on the phone while typing.
  • Symbian Series 60 - abundant software available in this platform e.g. 
    • Endomondo (previously known as Nokia Sport Tracker, it use GPS to track your workouts (speed, altitude, & route).
    • Garmin Mobile XT - Navigation software by Garmin
    • Fring - IP phone, Instant Messaging and Tweetering
I been eyeing on Nokia E52 which suit perfect on the features that I want but hands down on price tag (nearly RM900).  The dealer at Wisma Central proposed Nokia C5; it has all the features that I want minus WiFi.  Other than my home AP, those free access APs in public places are next to 10 years back modem in term of speed.  Thus WiFi is something that I can life without especially with mobile broadband subscription.  It's was RM500 deal for AP set (not those original Nokia set by Avaxx or Zitron).

So far, I like the phone.  It performs just as expected.  Other things that I like: -
  • geotagging on still photo and video.
  • A2DP bluetooth supports.
  • Radio
  • 3.5mm audio jack (works with standard headphone and earphone)
  • Fully integrated Gmail (native)
Only one my dislike for this phone, short battery life.  For the first few days, full charged only last about 18 hours.  This may be due to me endlessly fiddling with the phone.

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