Thursday, September 2, 2010

Bikes have a new spot

For almost 3 years we been living with bikes.  Up to a point, 2 on the staircase, 2 hooked up on the wall and 2 at the corner of the hall.  What started with "honey, let paint our living room and our bedroom" - wife, ended with a proper spot, ready to occupy 5 bikes (sold Spesh frame a month ago).

Renovated balcony turned into 4 feet extended hall.  We keep the existing sliding door to become a barrier to the storage area.  Now I can keep all *my belonging here rather than scattered around the house.

Storage area is on bottom right & top left

*my belonging - Parts/items/tools/chemical that only me know how to operate/use or see value in it.  If I were to live with Mak, she would had thrown this away long long time ago.


Yimster said...

So soon will be a bike warehouse ke? Or bike store perhaps ... lol

akmalhizam said...

I wi$h to have something like that too, especially for *my belongings*.

Unknown said...

Yim, I stop at 5. Cukup la tu :)

Akmal, nothing lavish. Just a proper place for our toys and playground (I am confined to this area to carry out my repair work) hehehe..