Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Life beyond cycling

I changed my blog title to the above cause my life is more than just about cycling (though wife would beg to differ).  There are other things that I like to do apart of cycling and bicycle.

I love DIY.  I love electrical & electronic devices that I had two electric shock before I reached 12 years old (one of it really threw me back few feet but luckily nothing severe).  I made a lamp shade from a coconut shell before I was 15, with attention to detail.  Just put it this way, it did looked like the one that deserve a spot on the shelf of tourist attraction outlet.

My favorite answer to my mother call to check on me when there was a total silent for few minutes were.. "Tak ada apa2 Mak" while I were busy covering my traces of a surely kena rotan if Mak finds out.

I discovered that we can make huge flame by putting a light up lighter in front of aerosol mosquito spray and sang..
Rumah terbakar panggil bomba,
Bomba datang berlumba-lumba
And lucky enough, I put off the fire without the assistance of Bomba.  The reward.. few strokes of rotan on my butt.

As a toddler, I broke new toys even before we reached home.

My Abah always lost his spanners... and I was the one who used and misplaced it or even broke it.

Some other life experience was beyond Mak and Abah knowledge like.. I took wrong bus to Mak Long house at Pantai Baru and end-up in Pantai Dalam.  I walked few KMs out and asked for direction to her place from bystanders.  Ohh wait... I specifically told my little brother not to tell Mak and Abah but he broke the news the very moment we reached Mak Long's.

Nowadays, I have my own spanners and toolset enough to fix/service bicycle and some house repair.  Have GPS receiver to navigate (or Google Maps if I forgot to bring GPSr).
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