Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Return to Kemensah

It was harsh, I was panting in many climbs and it was only sub 20km. What the heck happened? How will I survive 55km KLMBH Epic?

From Return to Kemensah

What when wrong
As simple as not having my usual nite ride every other day. On top of that, carb; late nite coffee over ASTRO's programme (CSI, House, That 70's show, Mythbuster, 5th Gear or just about anything other than Ceria channel). Perfect disaster!

Action Plan
Packed meal for a day (tuna sandwich, apple, almond), more fibre, and get back on nite ride routine.


mynameiskoko said...

Hehe.. sounds familiar. Having same problem now. :P

Unknown said...

Riza,.. kena praktis ni.. KLMBH Epic tinggal 10 hari je lagi