Wednesday, June 3, 2009

How did I replaced front hub cartridge bearing?

Where did I get this spoilt hub?
I bought front wheelset from Mr Beskal for a darn cheap price. He warned me that the hub need replacement and I may just end up able to make use of the rim and spokes only. Truth been told, the right side cartridge bearing has some freeplay.

How did I reached "the point of no return"?
I did some reading on the Net to get some idea on how to remove the bearing on this particular WTB Momentum front hub but to no avail. I asked my bike repair guru (Uncle ABC), LBS’s owner of Advance Bicycle Centre in Sri Damansara for some tips, he mentioned that some type can, some can’t be removed. Fair enough, I grabbed plastic mallet on my way home and decided to give a try. After all, I can’t do more harm to a spoilt bearing. If I failed to remove it, get a new hub. Fail or succeed, I’ll learn something. Either learns on how to do it the right way or how to mess it up.

Here's the pictorial SOP for my own reference in future.

Step 1

The “OK” side of the hub

Step 2

The ”spoilt“ part of the hub. Notice that rusty sludge? Loosen the nut, hammer tap the spindle with plastic mallet.

Step 3

Bearing on the other side of the hub poked out.

Step 4

Pull the spindle all the way out.

Step 5

The hub anatomy minus the hub body and skewer.

Step 6

Use vernier scale to get the measurement of Outer Diameter (O.D), 26mm.

Step 7

Inner Diameter (I.D), 10mm.

Step 8

Thickness, 8mm.

Step 9

Vital stats for part hunting.

Step 10
At this stage, I need to check if this bearing readily available on the Net. If it is, high chance I can get it from an outlet at Jalan Ipoh, Kuala Lumpur.

Keyword search in .......
cartridge bearing 10 26 8

And here you are!!

Cartridge bearing of this particular dimension is also known as 6000 in it's industrial code.

Where did I found this 6000 cartridge bearing?
I was traversing Jalan Ipoh for SKF and before I stepped into their office, I was courteously stopped by a staff offering helps. According to him, SKF office do not keep stock and he asked me to try the shop next door, Brighton Bearing (M) Sdn Bhd (check out the location on Google Maps here).

The hunt is over :)

A relieving sight of solution

A nice uncle attended me with my Q&A. After exchanging friendly conversation with that nice uncle, I left the shop with a pair of 6000 cartridge bearing.

RM8 per piece.

The old bearing on the left. New NSK bearing on the right side.

The SOP (resume)
Step 11

Tighten the nut to press the bearing into the spindle (not shown here).
To insert the outer bearing into the body hub, I put spoke wrench on the bearing and tap with rubber mallet to give an even pressure.

Step 12

Slip in the "water jacket" until it snap into the groove.

Step 13 (optional)

Truing the wheelset for a perfect roundness


akmalhizam said...

I love this kind of entries. Not only for your reference, but to others out there also.

Thanks for sharing, and all the best in your parts hunting. Ceramic bearings, perhaps?

Unknown said...

Ceramic bearings? I wish I can find 1 within the budget, but lets give this cheap bearing a try first.. ;)