Monday, April 26, 2010

KDCF TT 2010 |


1. Patawi 22:29
2. Joseph 24:14
3. Megat 25:06
4: Adli 25:24
5. Alex 26:35
6. Johnny 27:26
7. Tigerhills 29:17
8. Andy 29:54
9. HYH 30:32 (tie)
9. Fai 30:32(tie)
11. Stan 33.41
12. Riza 37:03
13. Dino 39:47

Expected result.  What can I say more for a person who has not put up with reasonable amount of training?  Served me right.  But on positive note, I'm determined to have regular training.  Rain or shine!


Yimster said...

hey hey ... that placing should give you motivation to restart your engines. go go go bro!

Unknown said...

ahh.. started but still malas2 lagi :))

akmalhizam said...

ahhh... caught on camera.
i guess without the backpack you'll get better results.

at least you've got the balls to show up on the TT day.

me, i'll sign up but not so sure if would be there on the day :P

congrats! and here's wishing you for better placing for the next TT.