Sunday, June 13, 2010

Universal Tag-A-Long Trailer Bike

I dropped by Juara Bikes in Subang Perdana for a tube few weeks ago and ended up with Universal Tag-A-Long trailer bike.  It was rather impromptu decision to buy it but I hold no regret.  At RM100 for a used item like that, it was a real bargain.  Comparatively, check out this online offer from Universal Cycles.

Fixing it to the seatpost is simple however it needs to tighten firmly or the clamp may scratch the seatpost shall it twist under pressure.

Fully satisfied due to: -
1. Can have another kids joining me cycling on road (trail? I've a doubt on stress limit on the seatpost due to lateral load). 
2. It can takes those who are still on training wheel a spin for a lesson on balancing.
3. Seeing the happy face of Haziq.
4. Lastly, with this extra load, it is a good training ground.
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