Friday, December 12, 2008

Why do I take up cycling?

1. 1 form of exercise
I tried running but my shin hurts badly after few hundreds meters. Been into gym but monthly commitment of RM180 seems too much. Furthermore, gym buddy insisted on me going to the outlet next to his office but so out of the way of my route. After giving a serious thought of it and series of harassment by Jazlany and Big Mac, I committed myself into cycling.

2. Socializing and networking
Cycling buddies come from many walk of life. Lawyer, accountant, technocrat, chemical engineer, dispatch rider, student, teacher, photographer, tuna booty shaker.. you name it, I'll try to find one :)

3. Commuting
Being green. Trying to reduce fossil fuels consumption on monthly basis. Cycle whenever, wherever possible to run errands or just simply commute to work.

4. Personal achievement
I keep monitoring my progress. If there is anyone I am trying to better than, it is just myself. Yeah, I do mentioned about me trying to match cycling buddy whose performance is like a moving target for me, forget about that :D

I highly recommend newbie to read these articles by Sheldon Brown on basic cycling techniques: -

Standing while Cycling
- standing is hazardous to your knee

Braking and Turning - why you need to use front brake

Gear Shifting - cadence vs grinding/pushing

p.s: only #1 was the original motivation factor for me taking up cycling, others are by-products of my obsession.


akmalhizam said...

I share more or less the same whys as yours.
One more thing for me, especially during short solo road rides: I have time for myself. At the same time I'm able to reflect on life while remembering Allah through zikr (and pray not to meet with any accident).
Oh, you can add a mechanical engineer for no. 2 ;)

Unknown said...

Good to hear that we are on the same cause for taking up cycling :)

Bila nak kayuh dengan GLC lagi?