Thursday, December 11, 2008

Misleading perception

Last Friday, we did the route just like the one we did during Ramadhan. A ride that suppose to roll by 9:00pm apparently leaving RV nearly 10:00pm. While waiting for others, I keep myself occupied by changing brake pad and some minor tuning on RD (rear derailer). RD occasionally refused to up shift (changing to smaller cog on rear) when the shifter tell it to do so. While the situation was not disastrous, it hamper smooth shifter that any cyclist highly expect from their gearing department. I will get into the detail on how I try to solve that issue on future entry. This entry is about something else..

While I was struggling myself tuning/fixing my Spesh, I heard 2 irritating quotes from fellow season cyclists, a conversation that in a normal circumstances I will say my piece.

Quote #1
Take up road cycling. You will get slimmer. MTB is not good since we have many break and sometime we eat nasik lemak by the river side.

My piece
Dude, people can get slimmer without exercising. The key is diet. A correct diet. Over generalizing the issue is shallow.

Road cycling, MTB cycling, running (like Haza) or any other form of exercise has to be done correctly and objectively. There is no short cut to get slimmer. Those build-up fat isn't there in a month, so stop expecting result in a month!

Quote #2

You can't eat egg if you are on diet!

My piece
Not entire correct. Egg is a source of protein apart from meat and others. Egg is cheap, easily available and easy to prepare. I ate a lot of eggs during my first 6 months of my diet program. But remember to totally get rid of the yolk.

As my diet coach told me, there's no such thing as bad food. The key is moderation. You can eat pasta, but ensure the healthy ingredients and calories intake. Doesn't mean high fiber bread is good for your health that you should finish the whole loaf in 1 sit.

If you need to reach my diet coach, drop me a line. His charge is quite reasonable ;)


Anonymous said...

Common misconception! You won't get slimmer by running either if you're on a daily diet of nasi lemak and teh tarik! Unless of course, you have the metabolism of the elites.

I perceive the notion that some sports are far more superior than others, and I don't relish that kind of mentality. It's so boorish.

You can be the weekend warrior walking round and round the park, but if you do it consistently and with passion, and EAT smartly, you'll get fit the same way as a hardcore triathlete.

kapla.hodot said...

errr did i ever say that? you need to revise your memory and reconsider to alter your comment :)

Unknown said...

Most people would just love to take shortcuts for just about everything (e.g. money and power). I read Sher Khan's blog from a link on your page which summed up everything about getting slimmer. From now onwards, anyone ask me about getting slimmer, I ask them to read his blog. If they are not keen enough to read his lengthy entries, might as well forget about getting slim.

My bad :)
What was your words back then? I promise to change it accordingly.