Thursday, February 19, 2009

2 F'nK Race (round 2)

For first time ever, I participated in a MTB race. Not kinna race that has media coverage, neither monetary return for securing top position. If you ask me "how does it feel?", well.. it's like taking an exam. Can't afford to make mistake, can't afford to lay back taking sweet time finishing the course.

A week before that, I made a test run for seeding time. Without the pressure of the race itself, I pushed myself to secure better timing. Triple terrace decent (that once took me a few moment before committing myself into a risk of hitting the tree while zig-zagging through it) has to be committed without hesitation.

Hard to imagine? Try this.. play simulation game or in specific, Gran Turismo on PlayStation trying to secure all race licenses, then you would know how crucial to have right gear ratio, picking a race line, choosing right gear, and when to brake (and how hard). 1 slight mistake may throw you out of the track and loss seconds or even minutes of your precious time.

Ian Johnston



Derald Cook

Jai SetanBiru


The rest of the photo

I didn't secure top 10 neither top 20, it was 23 out of 26 riders! If I may use lame excuse, it will be.. "I am competing against my myself".


Akram said...

bro, pekaba? since you know all about bicycle, i have a question to ask, can we bring bicycle into LRT (more to STAR lrt), thanks.

dino said...

Khabar baik..
Putra LRT obviously tak boleh pasal ada signage. Star LRT I'm not sure. Somehow I did heard ppl travel with foldable bike in LRT. Probably the packaging wasn't that obvious.