Thursday, July 2, 2009

Skill School-Descending

This entry may be useful for those who want to comprehend descending technique so that you can do it without causing injury while having fun mountainbiking.

Photo 1: Photo of mountainbiker tackling descending section. The rest of this entry dissect piece by piece from this photo.

Photo 2: Checking 4 feet ahead of the direction you wants to go. Always find easy way out route.

Photo 3: Left arm a bit straighten, elbow close to abdomen to avoid hitting the tree.

Photo 4: Fingers on brake to micro adjust the traveling speed.

Photo 5: Coasting position with crank level to the ground. This is to avoid horizontal obstacles (e.g. roots, rocks & berms).

Photo 6: Firm grip on pedal & handlebar. Flex and relax muscle (no stiff join). Bend your knee & elbow to absorb vibration & impact. Curl abdomen and take the butt slightly behind (and below) the saddle to compensate center of gravity.

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