Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Cycling is expensive hobby?

Celebrating 2 years in cycling, I try to summarize my spending in cycling, for your consumption & judgment.
In the keen interest of cycling, I'm indulged and being happy about it.

How does it start

Prior July 2007, a number of time, I been approached by Jazlan to take up mountainbiking. I had a keen interest but forking RM2000 for a bike wasn't that easy at that point of time. An angel came down in a form of human and gave me RM2,500 soft loan for a kick start.

Initial "investment"
I bought myself Scott Scale 70 for RM2.3k from BikePro (thanks to Big Mac for his time and consultancy). Immediately I went to KHS for a Limar 911 helmet at RM280, the only helmet that fits my big head at that point of time. The list go on an on. Glove, bladder, allenkey toolset, spare tube, shoes, cycling jersey, lycra pants, and more tools. After spending a total of RM3k, I may become insane keeping the record of my spending list.

More spending
Soon enough, I endo during first night ride in RRI, bent my saddle (body injury will recover, parts injury won't). So I replaced with Velo Carbon (new, RM120).
Weekend ride dosage seems insufficient, bought blinker and light in order to ride at nite.
Cassette and chain worn, replaced.
Straight handlebar caused numb wrist, replaced.
Running shoe double as cycling shoe caused slippery pedal grip, bought HiTech trail shoe (new, RM240).

Even more spending
V-Brake failed on me, bought Avid BB7 (new, RM350).
Joined the clipless bandwagon, bought SPD pedal and shoe (used, RM250).
SPD design flaw caused numerous stupid falls, changed to Crank Brothers pedal (used, RM100).
Another clipless shoe, Shimano MT41 (new, RM240).
Bought Spesh frame from Big Mac to inflict others in the family (used, RM250).
Bought bundle parts from Jazlan to assemble Spesh (used, RM100).

Recent years..
Before I blow a candle celebrating 2 years in cycling this August, I have 2 full fledged MTB for trail ride, and 2 rigid fork MTB with slick tires for tarmac ride. Now, contemplating to sell off my Spesh for my bed space. Obviously, I need space to sleep.
Proper sleep prior to next morning rides is important!

First and forth wives live happily ever after.

  • Angel, knowing your preferences to be below the radar, I shall not mention your name you here but you know who you are.
  • LHDN, I had received your additional deduction to my salary. Nothing left here, move on!
  • Thief, you took my son's BMX, please return it to him. He's not tall enough for my MTB. Thank you in advance.
  • Potential thief, you may be electrocuted if you try something nasty. BTW, alloy is a good conductor.


akmalhizam said...

haha... witty. i enjoy this post, man.
i guess any hobby will eventually be expensive. camera, fishing, golf, motorbike, outdoor, stamp collecting...

Unknown said...

yeahh.. tell me about it :)