Sunday, August 23, 2009

The Presidential 2009

All excitement in term of preparation of physical fitness and the bike apparently were put on test. Since I completed the Presidential '07, merely after 3 months took up cycling. Presidential '09 should not be a problem, NOT!
Fitness was good on Stage 1 & Stage 2. Almost worn out on Stage 3, even stupidly fall on tarmac when my front wheel hit another cyclist's rear wheel while we busy chit-chatting. Stage 4 was on cursing mode. A mole climb looked like a Steroid of FRIM.
Finally reached the finishing line at 3:15pm; that was 7 hours of cycling over 65km of trail. Being a finisher, it was an enjoyable suffering ride of the year!
Will I do it again next year? Definitely!
Shaque, Azea, A'an & Azrin at starting line
From PCC Presidential '09

A little over 1000 registered riders
From PCC Presidential '09

Scott saddle bag, my lucky draw price.
Guys, please note that 4 stickers on my passport.
From PCC Presidential '09

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mikemurano said...

Salam Ramadhan.....
nice pic bro...pas raya sambung kayuh balik haaa.

Azealea Dz said...

u did good bro! proud of u! yeay

Unknown said...

Tak sempat tunggu lepas raya, ramadhan pun kayuh jugak :)

Yeaayy.. I did it! I did it again :D
Kalau Shaq, bukan setakat habis, dia kira pukul brapa sampai..