Friday, September 4, 2009

Spanking new wheelset for the bike?

And yes I did. It spanking new, 6 spokes design and a pair cost much less than single piece v-brake wheelset I bought few months back. Even far more cheaper than XT cassette.

It's tubeless some more. For my primary means of transportation to work, you definitely deserved it...

Kenapa? Tak percaya ke?


akmalhizam said...

siut ah.. but there's a real statement, isn't it?
a kapchai's parts are waay cheaper than an mtb's.
but then again, what's the thrill of using a kapchai carving up steroid, innit?

Unknown said...

shall my office is like 15km away from the house, Kapchai's faith can get even worst :))

Kapchai's part:-
brake pad - RM10
tyre - RM50
sproket set/chain - RM50

MTB's part:-
brake pad - RM25 (koolstop)
tyre - RM40 (Continental Explorer if lucky)
cassette/crank/chain - not less RM300 for Deore set