Friday, October 30, 2009

The making of Skinny Bitchykal

A rather hilarious dialogue when Hitler ask those roadie to
leave the room.

"Those of you that have been riding your skinny tire sissy bikes with you gay shaved legs, get out. Now." - Hitler in Hitler

Having said that, I was building up a road bike and about to become a roadie myself.  Minus the gay shaved legs.

The making of Skinny Bitch
Day 1
1. From bare frame, fit the headset & fork.
2. Fitted brake caliper, wheelset (not yet service), crankset, FD, RD, seatpost saddle, handlebar & brake/shifter lever.
3. Fitted the brake cables

Day 2
1. Serviced rear hub, apply new grease.
1. Fitted shifter cables. Harsh shifting for FD. RD shifting doesn't work
2. Steerer tube too short.

The sludge

Loose bearing of rear hub

New grease

A handle too low for a road bike

Day 3
1. Fixed my boo boo previous day causing the RD didn't shift.
2. Bianchi fork replaced with Trigon.
From 1" steerer tube to 1 1/8" thus cannot use Deda 1" stem.
Probably need new complete headset.

Going for 1 1/8" from 1" steerer tube.

Day 4
1. Fitted stem from Shogun
2. Fitted chain
3. Fitted worn shifter hood
4. RD/FD tuning
5. Test run on trainer

Shifting test run on a trainer

Day 5
On the road test by Shaque, Zali & Pak Abas.
1. Adjusted saddle height, saddle to stem length, saddle angle.
Issues need to be addessed
1. On large cog (cassette), spokes are slapping the RD's cage. Need spacer on freehub
2. A little freeplay on crank due to BB. Will replace with spare BB.
3. A little short cable casing for rear brake. Will replace
4. FD need more tuning.
5. Tire desperately need replacement.

Day 6
Fixed the following.
1. Replace BB with Ultegra
2. Spacer on freehub didn't work. The smallest cog can't firmly engage on freehub's spline. Solution: shorten the chain by 1 link resulted RD's cage extended lower than before and better clearance from spokes.
3. Replaced rear brake cable casing.
4. FD tuned, still can't get the perfection.

Day 7

Skinny Babe test rides Skinny Bitch

Day 10

My first attempt to fit a bartape.

Day 14

Test ride to HOA, Gombak.

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Azealea Dz said...

didnt know u're going roadie now :) cayalah!