Friday, October 2, 2009

Spesh SingleSpeed

After selling many Spesh's parts to a friend for building her bike, Spesh was left idle and collecting dust. My initial intention was to sell it off, but after much consideration I decided to make a second attempt to SingleSpeed it. There was another attempt on singlespeed Shogun which ended me with hard fall and a broken helmet. There are 2 most important element of singlespeeding your bike; 1. chain line, 2. chain tension.

First attempt about a year ago.
Cog taken from Deore cassette, sandwiched between 2 larger cogs. Make use old Tourney Rear Derailer as chain tensioner. Note the straight chain line of cog and chainring.

I found this Da Bomb 9 to 1 Pro conversion kit for freehub body (RM65,BicycleWorld, Tmn Melawati) that comes with 18t and 16t cog.

It was 2 strikes of luck when: -
1. pretty straight chain line
2. the chain tension was sufficient on 42t chainring without the need of chain tensioner.

42:16 gear ratio suits me well on flat tarmac. Come the hill, I'll do it standing.

Addendum (05 Oct 2009)
Parts for my singlespeeding project.
1. Complete MTB minus gearing system (FD, RD, Shifters)
2. 42T Shimano Exage crank (est. RM50)
3. Da Bomb 9 to 1 Pro conversion kit (RM65)
4. 7 speed chain (est. RM20)
more on singlespeeding on MTBR here


Joe said...

Very nice!

F.W. Adams said...

I always love a good bike project. Congrats on getting yours done and good luck mashing those hills!

Unknown said...

thanks for the compliment :)

GuanYu said...

good job bro. saya pun sedang setup single speed mtb..

Unknown said...

Those was my experiment and I enjoyed it. Hope you will enjoy it too.

I sold the frame in 2010. 6 bicycles took too much space in the house. Keeping 3 MTB & 1 commuting bikes.