Friday, December 25, 2009

We love shortcuts!

We, Malaysian loves shortcuts. The faster we get to our destination, the better. Some go to the extend of stepping on other people's toes or even putting risk to himself and other people's life.

This entry is about losing all the fats is summary for the lazy ass who expect miracle result. It is from cyberfren Sher Khan (check the link on right side).

Here's a quick tips to shave off the fat(typical malaysian diet):
- go slow with the bad and ugly fats - the
saturated fat and trans-fat (avoid if you
can) - that means, go slow on full cream
dairy products, red meat, anything cook
with refined cooking oil, fast-foods, deep
fried foods - yes those fried chickens, ikan
goreng, pisang goreng, popia goreng,
karipap, keropok, kerepek ubi etc etc etc.

- move from refined carbohydrates to
complex carbohydrates - white rice to
brown rice, white bread to wholegrain
bread, white potatoes to sweet potatoes,
white pasta to wholegrain pasta, roti canai
to capati, no bihun/kuehteiow/laksa

- take lean protein like chicken (without
skin), fish, nuts and seeds.
stick with plain water only - no teh tarik,
carbonated drinks, teh ais limau, kopi tarik,
milo, etc

- last but not least ... you think i'll skip this
one?.. pls do regular exercise!! ( no time?
see this)

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