Tuesday, February 2, 2010

KEMBAS 2010 - post ride

My First Touring
I was tempted the moment BC shared his plan on touring trip up to Ipoh. My touring plan year 2008 to Langkap didn't materialised when 1 of us had last minute job commitment.

I was contemplating either to setup bare frame Shogun up or just fit the pannier rack on Kona. Kona had all the necessary tabs for fitting the pannier however had a little issue with protruding rear brake's caliper. Issue that can only be solved by getting disk brake type pannier rack on which I'm not so keen to invest since touring isn't going to be like a monthly event for me.

2 days before the D day, a kind gestures from Shaque in form of seatpost mount pannier rack was a perfect solution since I wasn't planning an overnight. I deciced to use shallow tread knobbie tyres as to avoid pinch flat situation.

The D Day
I left for BC's house about 0630h before heading to Greenwood, Gombak. From there, 3 touring cyclists, 1 escort cyclist & 1 motocyclist heading Bandar Tasik Putri. After 38km, 2 hours later we were greeted by BBB team and led to makan place for a breakfast. From there, we headed to Kuala Selangor via Kampung Kuantan. My sit bones started to develop pain as we approaching Kampung Kuantan. While the pain can be cured with few minutes break, it didn't last for more than 10km for another break. I was on and off the saddle a number of time till I reached Hutan Melintang (20km away from Teluk Intan) when the pain become unbearable. Wife was willingly fetched me there to her kampung in Langkap. In short, it was fun but I was under prepared and under estimate what a flat terrain can be.

My choice of rig

Kelolo camwhoring

Subky close-up

The firestarter of this touring trip

3 tourers in front of me. From right, Langgark, Adam & Kelolo.

1 tourer at the back adjusting his saddle. Subky on the right.

Adam's rig. Don't under estimate :)

Photos of the ride
Kelolo's entry
Entry by ijass of basikal.wordpress.com


Joe said...

Dino, your Missus' kampung in Langkap: can you ask her about the history of the place? Why is the place called Langkap? I assume sebab ada banyak pokok langkap. Can you find out for me kegunaan pokok langkap bagi orang-orang kampung?

Sorry for being so strange, just doing a bit of research on langkap trees for KDCF. (I was told that the orang aslis use langkap trees for blowdarts -- although it's not clear to me which part of the tree is used. I was also told that the fruit of the langkap is edible, just the like the enau or kabung tree, but only after it has been boiled.)


Unknown said...

I will try my missus else next weekend we will meet up with in-laws who are in better knowledge of this Langkap tree.

p.s: It never cross my mind Langkap is a tree. You are strange Joe :)

Joe said...

Thanks. Apparently the young fruit -- like enau -- has bisodium oxylate, which can be fatal if swallowed.

The ones I saw in KDCF had signs of being eaten -- probably by musang.