Thursday, October 21, 2010

When time is short, use roller

Time is short, at least for me.  I want to stick to training on weekdays in order to improve fitness but time always not on my side.  To cycle outdoor, I need to dress up in jersey, water bottle filled, bring along wallet, mobile phone, pump & spare tube and not to forget, put on helmet.  Night riding requires blinkers and bright color attire as preventive measure for other people to see you soon enough to avoid or slam on the brake.

I been doing some indoor cycling on a trainer but fail to set my mind to it.  If I may blame on something, lack of realistic is a major turn off.  A week ago, I borrowed Shaq's roller and since then I dedicate 30 minutes on it, daily basis.  It was hard at first to push it beyond 15 minutes but after few days, the body kinna adjusted to it and it does feel great.  On 2 occasions riding with some usual suspect on the road, I feel some satisfaction on my own achievement though it wasn't that significant that I can outdo Shaq.

Here some advantages of roller as tools for indoor cycling: -
1. Quick setup
2. No need helmet since I believe it's pretty safe to land my head on the carpet
3. Rain or shine, bring it on!
4. 30 minutes is good.  Above 40 minutes is excellent!  Compare that to an outdoor cycling in term of duration and returns
5. Can still look after the kids

The disadvantages:-
1. Sweat.  A lot of it! 
2. Must wipe all those sweat on the bike, roller & floor after each ride
3. Distraction when kids start asking too many question


akmalhizam said...

you're using a classic roller? salute bro, ol' skool!
teringat aku dalam majalah 3 dulu dulu duluu, Rosman Alwi training kat rumah guna roller cenggini.
cool siut.
keep it up!

Unknown said...

roller pinjam :)
aku kena training lebih sejak tgk persembahan kau kat GLC tu ari, hehehe

akmalhizam said...

haha... iye lah tu.