Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Forget Endomondo, go for Sports Tracker

I wrote on Endomondo, training software on Nokia Series 60 (Symbian OS) that uses GPS receiver on the phone and plot our workout.  After giving it a try on the newer version of Sports Tracker (the older one is by Nokia, the new one isn't), I give a thumb up on the following: -

1. It tracks reasonably.  I preset it to only records on move above 5km/h as this will cut out those waiting time (on phone)
2. It plot to Google Maps (on PC)
3. It will keep your workout diary for comparison (on phone & PC)
4. It accepts Polar Heart Rate Transmitter connection via bluetooth.  This is what I'm referring to. (Endomondo don't have this. And obviously on phone, who would ride a bike with a PC attached?)
5. It let you upload photos taken during the ride and attach to those training log. Even geotagged it on the map! (Endomondo don't have this)
6. It can upload in real time or opt for offline mode.  I normally upload it much later after the ride.

Check out the screenshot below to get the clearer picture on the features.

Burung Hantu Jamboree 2010, Air Keroh, Melaka.

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