Monday, November 8, 2010

I cycled to Teluk Intan

Last Friday we balik kampung. The next day, my father asked me to ride with him to Teluk Intan.  It is about 20km from our kampung. The last time I tried, I only managed half the way there and we turned back.  This time around I want to give it a try.

We started at about 9:00am.  We passed through numerous paddy fields and palm oil plantations.  It was enjoyable ride until I started to feel hungry.  My father told me that it was only few more kilometers.

Me going strong

A long way to go

I started smiling when my father told me that we are about to reach Teluk Intan. I started to feel even hungrier but managed to put up a smile on the following photo.

See how big is my smile

Soon we reached the town and stopped for a shot in front of my mother's school.

Sekolah Menengah Convent Teluk Intan

Then we headed to leaning tower before proceeded for a food.

The leaning tower. I'm going to use this for my Facebook profile's photo

I had a mee rebus at Mastan Ghani

The bridge that we crossed. This was used to be a railway bridge.

The rest of the photos is here

I retraced Sports Tracker tracklog on Google Maps for safety reason.

View Langkap to Teluk Intan in a larger map

Start: 9:00am
Duration: 2h 11m (moving time only)
Distance: 37.54km
Speed Average: 17.1 km/h
Max Speed: 28 km/h

P.S. : This wasn't my own article. My father wrote it himself. Well, he did asked me to write an article for this ride.


Yimster said...

Lol for a moment i thought the dad cycled from kl to teluk intan! Good job starting him young. 40km is quite a distance for a kid!

Unknown said...

The daddy did. Not exactly, but almost! His butt screamed in pain that he had to be rescued by the mummy.

Unknown said...

The terrain is rather flat unlike Broga jantan u did on Sunday. Congrats!