Friday, January 14, 2011

Jumping into the bandwagon

Heard about DSLR?  To a point if you throw a coin at Central Market, high chance it will fall on a person will DSLR on his hand.  I was using Nikon F50 at one point of time but not for long due to 1997 financial crisis.

I was looking for a digital camera to replace my current Canon A520.  It has to be light, easy to carry around, simple to use and has big aperture.  All will suit the main purpose of taking photographs on my MTB outing.  Joe Adnan has always been inspirational for me to take better photo.

Thus I grabbed Panasonic Lumix LX5 (this wasn't DSLR nevertheless gets a good review for it's category) which easily fit in my haversack and my budget too.

Checkout the following and tell me how I could do it better.

Butterfly having breakfast
Macro shot
Location: Zoo Negara

501 trail
Location: 501 Trail, FRIM

Low light class
Available light
Location: Home

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