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Ulu Gombak traverse (2011 version)

From Ulu Gombak traverse 22/5/11

Me, Jazlan and Johan had a ride in RRI apparently Ulu Gombak traverse popped-up.  Me & Jazlan wanted to pay a tribute to Kelolo since he rode with us (me, Jazlan and Megat Faiz) in 2008 but had to turned back since we can't get thru those bamboo bushes.  Subsequent ride on 20/4/2008 with Joe Adnan managed to complete the loop via new track (no write-up, just photos).

I had another ride here on 21/6/2008 upon request from fellow friends, in much larger group (at least 10 of us).

This time around, here's my short write-up..

Trailhead that was on rubber plantation (in 2008) was no longer there.  Good reception GPS receiver with spare batteries and this tracklog is a must-have for this trail.  (good reception mobile phone may not works in heavy canopy forest).

Caution from Joe Adnan:
If you plan to ride this trail, please be careful and sensible. It’s a jungle out there. (Heh.) Seriously, the jungle goes all the way to Pahang to the North-East and Negri Sembilan in the South. If you lose your bearings, follow the river downstream*, and it should lead you to the confluence of the Sleh and Klang rivers and thereafter the Klang Gates lake itself.
My recommendation is as follows: Use one of the newer Garmin GPS receivers with an “x” at the end of its name. Print the directions below. Get the recommended map. Use a compass. Keep a look out for the tape.

For safety reason, please inform nearest Police station that your riding this route and your expected time to complete. You are require to acknowledge them once you completed, else they may send a rescue team.

The photos

Ulu Gombak Traverse 22 May 2011 at EveryTrail

The Story by Jazlan Yatim (source: ride was made by Dino, Riza, Johan, Nabil & Jazlan out of sheer enthusiasm for nature and mountain biking... and ignorance towards how itchy leech bites can give you for a week or two.
Departed at 8.00am from Masjid Sg Pusu, reached Kemensah 2.30pm.

Sg Pusu > Kem Ketanga, the old trailhead has disappeared by some development work, managed to find it above a small hill to the right up. From there the trails are as good at it gets.

Kem Ketanga > Kem Ulu Sleh are still nice single tracks too.

Kem Ulu Sleh > Kem Sleh - hike bike and river crossings, Riza and Johan trekked their way to reach back to the existing trails, thanks dudes! Thought so before the ride that we'd need rescuing along the way... We missed passing by the old dam.

Kem Sleh > Kemensah, midway trails were rutted with water patches and by motorcross users.

I looked around for it, but only found 1 tree marker made by JoeAdnan in 2008, but it was already on the
ground.... My tracklogs here also include waypoints marked by JoeAdnan. Thanks JoeAdnan for the waypoint reference :

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