Monday, April 18, 2011

Back on saddle

Been a while I spent a good MTB ride.  FRIM is good but lack of distance.  RRI is just nice for me, a little more distance (26km) and a roller coaster to enjoy not forgetting the fall I had during this ride (pix below).. and those other falls: -
1. First endo (2007)
2. Elbow punched my ribs (2008)
3. Scuffed my ankle (2010)

From RRI on BASH route

It was a nice ride, lead by Jazlany.  We already talking about doing the Ulu Gombak Traverse in near future.


warp said...

Hahahhahahha Bro..
Kim salam kat suma geng beskal..aku kat sudan nie takder trail singgle trak..suma flat jer...

Unknown said...

flat kalu, boleh kayuh laju2 :)

akmalhizam said...

tersangatlah menariknya

Unknown said...

Doa panjang kut2 dapat posting kat KL :)