Thursday, November 28, 2013

Another lease of life - Shimano SPD MT41

My Shimano SPD MT41 with a new outsole

I spend RM240 on this shoe in 2009.  It is more expensive than any other shoes I ever bought. Early this year, it shows some sign of crack on the sole.  I guess rubber being rubber, age plus the wear took a toll on it.  After I saw what Kelolo did to his shoe which had a similar fate, I was interested.  It cost him RM70 for a sole replacement.  

Shoe's anatomy

Basically, what the Pakcik did was to replace the outsole with a new one, stick it with glue to the existing mid sole, and finally stitches the sole to the upper,   (see diagram above to understand the term).

If you interested in engaging the service, refer to the following map.  The shop close at 10pm.

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BC Kelolo said...

Weiii.. Tak aci. Tapak hang lagi lawa dari tapak aku.

Usia guna kasut ditambah lagi setahun ke 2 tahun. Jimat lagi hemat.

BC Kelolo

Unknown said...


Betul jimat lagi hemat.