Friday, January 3, 2014

Influencing others to join the bandwagon

A few weeks of riding my mamachari to a number of places and for a number of reasons, it has caught our Resident Association's Chairman attention.

On my way back home from Subuh prayer at surau, I was surrounded by 5 of regular surau-goers and they were asking in detail about my mamachari. The features of the bicycle really attracts them. Soon it became a knowledge sharing session lasted for 20 minutes.

On the next day Subuh prayer (New Year public holiday), Abang Aziz told me that he and Dato' Fauzan went to place that I roughly told them but could find it. I told them that if they want to go I am more than happy accompany them and help them to pick the bicycles.  Apparently he told me that Dato' Fauzan wanted to get 10 bicycles. It is for surau-goers to get some form of exercise right after Subuh prayer. I called Ah Meng the owner of the shop on potential visit that morning. To cut story short, the visit wasn't materialized since RA's meeting were lasted until Zohor prayer and I had other matters to attend to.

To those interested in getting mamachari, foldie, and some not so modern MTB and roadbike, check out this place (N3.3369167, E101.5602667)

Wide range of Mamacharis and MTBs

26" MTB Fenders in pair (RM30)

This Bridgestone cost RM450

Dahon foldie going for RM800

Renault foldie (fold up) 16" wheel going for RM450

p.s: Photos and prices as at 12th October 2013. On 18th December 2013, that Renault foldie was no longer there.

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