Monday, June 30, 2014

Revisiting Kota Damansara Community Forest trail

This was the last ride before Ramadhan, 28 June 2014.
This year, I started to revisit KDCF trail after my last ride, many years back.  Maybe a race there in 2010 was the last time I been there before.  They were just completed Temuan Trail when Fakawi Tribe organized the second race at KDCF.  The first was 2 km race (photos only) on KDCF's first ever trail, the Scout Trail in 2009.

Fast forward, now they have added Sahabat Trail to the network; now become a total 6km of jungle single track mountainbiking pleasure.

Why I like KDCF?
Here are the are reasons: -

  1. Singletrack
  2. Primary jungle
  3. No mosquitoes
  4. Trailhead is less that 50 meters from the carpark.
  5. Proper signage marking the trail direction.

Trail length
Scout only: 2km
Scout plus Temuan: 4km
Scout plus Temuan plus Sahabat: 6km (additional 2km by guessing the length of Sahabat Trail)

Quickie with Nasrul and Irfan on 14th June 2014. 4k x 2.
With GLC on 1st June 2014. 4k + 6k.
More photos.
KDCF with Khairusy on 3rd May 2014. 4k + 6k.
More photos.

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