Wednesday, May 20, 2015

"Steel is real" itu nampak poyo

Since the beginning of my MTB life, I must have owned more than 10 frames in total.  At a point of time, 6 bicycles inside the house; 2 on stairways, 2 hanging on the wall, 2 at the balcony,  From there, I started selling off the bicycles (mostly MTB) and acquired more diversified type of bicycle instead.

Lets see what do I have in my stable at the moment: -

Location: Bukit Kiara

1. On-One 456 Evo2
Type: 26" Chromoly Hardtail Trail
Purpose: Primary bike for regular weekend ride.

Location: Kampung Sungai Pusu

2. Surly Troll
Type: 26" Touring with 100mm corrected rigid fork, sometime swap with 100mm fork for son's ride
Purpose: touring / mtb

3. KHS Alite 1000
Type: Old alloy 26" frame with rigid fork & skinny tires
Purpose: Wife's rig.  Fast rolling steed on some needy occasions.

4. Panasonic Beans House
Type: 20" folding bike
Purpose: Quick getaway bike to Surau & places.  Must be locked when not in move.

5. Miyata Olive
Type: Mamachari, town/city bike
Purpose: Even quicker getaway bike to Surau & places.  Quick not for the speed, rather the bike is equipped with rear wheel mounted lock that lock with a push of a "button" so to speak.  This bike is so not attractive/cool that even my kids rather took beaten-up and rusty bike to run errands.

Bikes and acquired date

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